Honor Roll

Blendista in Perpetua:  Maxine Bracken

MaxineThe name Maxine means “greatest”.

 Our own Maxine has been a Blendista since before there was a Blend Chorus.  She was member of Mountain Shadows Chorus and Cache le Poudre Chorus, and when they combined with Poudre River Chorus to form the Centennial Blend, she was right there with them.  She has since used her tireless enthusiasm to help the Blend grow and evolve; from the time they were a fledgling chorus to the time when they competed at Internationals in Nashville, to the time when we had only 12 members, to the current day—she was out there giving her all.  Max has sung in quartets from the sublime: the Harmony Distributing Company, and the Good Time Music Company as well as the silly: the McGrew Sisters and the Warmed-up Leftovers, to name a few. 

She has served on the Management Team in many capacities, and organized some great parties. She spends her “free” time volunteering for many local causes, and she once even sang her way out of a traffic ticket.

So Max, you are the greatest. And for all you have done, all you are doing, and all you will do for the Blend in the future, we’d like to bestow upon you the title “Blendista in Perpetua”.  This means that for the rest of your life, your chorus dues will be covered.  And you will always have a place on our risers and in our hearts.